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MEGA PDC: NeoBrake is leading the way in brake systems!

All brake systems need to have two functional purposes: safety capability and durability. Commercial trucks need to have the ability to stop at a moment’s notice when carrying large payloads and the brake hardware must be able to withstand strenuous, daily use. The MEGA PDC has a solution for your commercial brake system: NeoBrake.

The MEGA PDC offers NeoBrake’s 4707, which is the world’s first lightweight, cast iron, brake shoe package. The system will not flex or stretch over the life of the truck, and under the most extreme stress will not crack or break. A lot of competitor’s products are made from pressured steel and asbestos, and they have seen issues from overuse. NeoBrake’s cast iron design will resist rust almost three times more, and has superior heat dissipation.

NeoBrake’s brake system will handle all of the rigors of a commercial truck, and keep a company out of the service center by not having to replace the brakes every 50,000 miles. The MEGA PDC has NeoBrake on its shelves, and is ready to have them delivered today!